Monday, December 20, 2010

Getting the jump on my New Years Resolutions

Flex no.3  

Just call me a slacker.  I have been very lazy about blog posts - - - among other things.  Sometimes it's because it seems pointless...sometimes it's because I have so much going on that I forget about it.  Whatever the reason (aka: excuse) - I will do better in 2011.  Frankly, I'm expecting a lot from 2011.  (2010 really let me down).   Lets face it, it was a crappy year for a lot of people.  It was a bad year for me professionally and personally.  I hope that 2010 will go join 2001 and all the other memorably bad years in the bad year archive, and I hope it's cramped and uncomfortable there.  I hope 2010 takes a long hard look at itself in the mirror and is ashamed of itself.  So -  bring it on 2011!  I can't wait for you to show 2010 what's what.  I am excited for a fresh start. Therefore, I hereby resolve to make my blog writing a priority - and I'm doing it for ME.   (This is, of course, on a fairly long list of resolutions.) But- I will do better.... I WILL do better. 
 There- it's in print.