Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Studio Experiment

Akimbo Redux  48 x 60 mixed media on canvas
For years I've dreamed of having a studio space outside of my home.  I envisioned a great big loft in Soho, with large windows and tall ceilings, huge brick walls covered in large canvases, paint and brushes scattered about, a small kitchenette and a space to rest...and perhaps a sleepy studio cat resting in a window sill.   I envisioned creative conversations with fellow artists who stop by for coffee.  I envisioned walking into my studio full of ideas and energy each and every day and working until I couldn't lift a brush.  Alas, a NYC studio and a full time painting career is a little out of my reach. ( - - - for now.)

The good news is - I have my space.  It's not a loft in a big city - there are no tall ceilings...and there is no studio cat - but there are paints and brushes scattered about, good lighting and large enough walls to work on more than one large painting at a time. The studio is a good 45 minute drive from home- which forces from me a day-long commitment to working.  There is no internet, no CNN, no piles of laundry around the corner and no distractions from family members that "need me".  The space is in a very art oriented town and is shared with two very good artsy friends. We have had a lot of visitors coming by to check out the art space. (The idea that you never know who might be dropping by keeps me in time to be lazy.)

I have set up a specific work schedule for myself that, until now, I've been unable to pull off.  I pick at least two of my days off from teaching and devote those entire days to the studio.  I leave the emailing, blogging, website updates, image editing, etc. for the days that I'm at home.  (I have yet to turn off the cell steps!)  But I have discovered a completely new way of focusing my energy.  Instead of bouncing from one thing to another, I'm painting all day- with a renewed creative spark.  I have had a very productive month and the energy in the new space has been a wonderful shot in the arm.  My ever evolving style has burst into a fresh new direction that I'm extremely happy with.

I am so glad I stepped out on a limb and took the space.  I was a little nervous about the commitment...but so far - so good.