Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collect Original Art, Please and ThankYou

48x60  Restless no.1   ... SOLD! (ThankYou)

I am happy to report that despite the current economic storm, there are still collectors who are buying original art.  I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart.  I buy original art anytime my budget will allow.  My collection is rather small, compared to some, but it is filled with little gems of works that bring me great joy.  What I won't buy are pictures of art; otherwise known as a Giclée. 

✻The following is taken from the Wikipedia entry for Giclée:   Giclée (from French), commonly pronounced "zhee-clay," is an invented term for the process of making fine art prints from a digitial source using ink-jet printing. 

Think Thomas Kinkade-"painter of light" - or as I call him "Thomas Kinkade: snake oil peddler".  He has successfully been passing off pictures of his paintings as collectibles for years and sticks a hefty price tag on them to prove it.    I am constantly approached by giclee printers touting their reproduction abilities and low, low prices.  "Simply upload, select a quantity and add to cart".  Let me just say: NOT interested.  I feel like reproducing a painting would go against everything I put into it during the art making process.  My heart and soul is in every piece.   When I buy original art, I also feel like that is what I'm getting...a small piece of the artist. I also know when I buy original, that I just helped that artist keep the lights on in the studio that month!  When I buy original, I am also supporting the gallerist who represents that artist and helping them to keep thier open sign on!

 I do know artists who sell giclees of their work and I have seen good reproductions. I feel like it's a personal choice, so I don't judge these artists. The problem is, I don't know that consumers, in general, are aware of what they are buying.  If you see a "painting" at a TJ Maxx, chances are you are fully aware that it's a reproduction.  But in a gallery setting, I think it's a little deceitful.   That being said,  I do think that consumers and collectors are two different beings.  True collectors are more than likely aware of the difference.  And to all of those collectors who are truly dedicated to the arts and the artists who create...again, from my heart,  I THANK YOU!