Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Things I learned last year....

A Far Brighter Light    2010

All of the sudden I realized that it's February.  Where in the heck did January go?  For that matter, where did last year go?  Time: she is a waistin'.  I've decided that with my horrible memory, I really need to start paying attention and writing things down that I need to remember.  Rather, I need to start blogging things down- so I can't loose it.
 (or can I?)

So - back to last year.  A list of 10 things that I know to be true:

1. Nothing is permanent.
 (I feel so strongly about these words of wisdom from the Buddha that I  made it my personal mantra - and - had it tattooed on my flesh so I can read it every day....yes, I realize the irony.)

2. When the Shit Hits the Fan....turn the fan OFF.  
(Then "dust" yourself off and keep going.  You can turn the fan on again after things calm down.)

3. When things get tough, lean on those who can hold you up. 
 (Thank goodness for good friends and family - this is what they're there for.)

4. If you think it can't get worse....just wait.  
( - and thank your lucky stars when things are going your way.)

5. I have the most awesome kids in the world.  
(Confirmed to be true, once again in 2010.  It's not bragging if it's true.) 

6. I DO have a favorite color.... and it's pyrolle orange. 
 (or...maybe it's cobalt teal....either way - I love you Golden Artist's Colors - and you ARE worth the money.)

7. Short cuts aren't worth it. 
 (why am I in such a hurry anyway?)

8. If it's not working - make a change.  
('cause change is good, um-kay?)

9. The things that I do - MATTER.  
(one way- or another, they matter....maybe not in a "change the world" sort of way - but in a small, "butterfly effect" way.)

10. Time is something that we are not guaranteed. 
 (I need to make the most of mine.)
                                   -  Bring it on, 2011!  I'm always ready to learn more.


Karen Jacobs said...

I've got one more for you: "Plan for the worst... things seldom go as you plan anyway!" Amazing how this has worked to my advantage over the years!

kathy casey said...

I will put that on my "things I learned 2011" list. You do give the best advice, Karen!

Jamie Caplinger said...

I love your top 10! It was great seeing you and your new work last week and I love how the landscape turned out!