Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Mad Frustration

I feel like I have had my right arm removed. For weeks now I have been trying to attach images to emails, add images to my blog, update my website....etc. I have been unsuccessful in every task. I have tried everything I know to try...but to no avail. It's like my photos just can't be uploaded in any capacity. HELP? Does anyone out there know what the problem could be? I am loosing it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kathy,
haven't seen you on Twitter in awhile, Hope you are ok. Been thinking about your uploading problem. Have you resolved it? I wish I knew more. I have a simple program called picture manager I got with Office 2003 and there is a feature you can compress the images with.I always do that before I upload anything. Are your files jpegs or gifs? Usually, whatever program you a using will save files to jpegs. need to find a geek guru!
I hope you have solve this