Monday, September 7, 2009

Stepping up My Game

Before My Time 30x30 mixed media and collage on canvas
I like to do things in my own time frame. Instead of re-evaluating on January 1 like everyone else. I pick a random time now. I'm doing some serious goal setting and planning now, probably because the economy seems to be trying to get back on track and art is once again starting to sell. (It was a long, DRY, summer!) It's rekindled my confidence and made me get excited again. Even, with the lack of sales, I have kept myself on pace with the art making and have built up a decent inventory. But lately I've come to realize, I need to start thinking once again about the business side of things. And while my art making is for me, it also plays a part in getting my kids through college, and paying for the extras - like travel and fun. One day (hopefully sooner rather than later) I can have the art making be my only job....while still keeping the joy in it. So - I'm working in my journal again. I'm making out wish lists - goal lists - the big plan list - the time line list - etc. I'm going to focus a little harder on my blogging and networking. I'm going to get back on track and find some new representation. I'm going to get off my butt and work it just a little harder. After all: In order to live your dreams - you have to wake them up!!!

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Jayne said...

wishing you lots of luck with your planning! I find that I naturally begin business planning at this time of year because it coincides with the beginning of school. This has been burned into my brain as "planning time" and now that I have a son in school, it is reinforced year after year.
Wonderful to see how much you have been painting and processing your work this summer. Inspirational.
wonderful work!