Monday, April 27, 2009

Counting Down the Days 'Til Summer Vacation

A couple of my 8th grade students - and their American Gothic Parody

My fellow teachers and I have the countdown going. I don't know who is or our students. The difference is - we are planning all the WORK we're going to do over the summer. We don't dream of sleeping late and jumping off of docks... or lounging around the house... (well maybe a little). Some of my teaching friends are planting their gardens, some are attending seminars (what?), some are doing home improvements. Me? I am going to paint, paint, paint! (And clean out my horribly messy studio- sometime or another!) I am fortunate that I have the teaching gig and the restaurant with the hubby. And I am ever so grateful for a steady income - but I am sure ready for some ME time! Woo-Hoo...19 school days to go....and COUNTING!

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