Monday, January 11, 2010

Artist Seeks Studio Space with No Interruptions

I am headed out tomorrow to look into renting a new studio space, quite a ways away from the home-front.  This is both an exciting and scary prospect.  I've imagined the idea of having a proper studio for the last several years as I've traveled and worked in fabulous open spaces with other artists.  (This space I'm considering would, in fact, be a shared space.)

I realized over my holiday vacation in December that the home-studio is just not working- but I'm not sure of the reason.  It had occurred to me this past summer that perhaps trying to work at home was thwarting my creativity - with the hubby and kids in and out all day.  Then, through the month of December while I was off from teaching,  I was completely unproductive.  I just thought:  "I can no longer work in this atmosphere!! " BUT-  it has also raised a question….am I making excuses for painter’s block?  I did manage to have a fairly productive weekend last week. So -  is it me?...or is it my space, or lack there of ...or is it the fact that the space is at home....or is it the constant interruptions....or is it the distractions???  Or IS IT ME?     Hmmmmm…….I wonder....
(I would love to hear about pros and cons of having outside studio space. )


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful. The colours and the layers speak to me.
And a real space just for you? How fabulous :-)

kathy casey said...

Thanks for the nice compliment. I really do hope it works out for my "real" space!