Friday, January 22, 2010

I love an adventure!

 Back to Life    36x36     mixed media and collage on canvas

I'm going to deliver this painting and another that were chosen for the North to South Juried Exhibit at Green Rice Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Green Rice is in the NODA arts district.  I've never been there - so taking a little adventure with the hubby to check it out.
I love to visit a new town.  My sister lives there part time (for work).   I've only visited once and we never made it to NODA.  It is a great city, so looking forward to taking in some good food ( - it's also Restaurant Week in Charlotte ) and taking in some good art with the hubby.  We rarely get to go anywhere with our busy schedules - so it should be fun.  Off we go!


CMC said...

Just came across your blog, Cathy. Thanks for putting my blog link up. I have just moved the site to if you can change the link. Later I will delete the old site.

CMC said...

Darn... I have friends who spell their name Cathy..sorry that I spelled yours wrong, Kathy.

Oh, and more important...I love that piece you have up on this post.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely piece - the colors are magic. No doubt I have said that same about other pieces of yours, but that's because your colors *are* magic for me.

kathy casey said...

CMC - I changed your blog address - admittedly I haven't visited lately - but did today. Love your doodles. So funny - they remind me of the drawing I made in Charlotte & left for my sister for allowing me to stay at her condo. It was of the cracks in the sidewalks below her penthouse view.
Keep experimenting with those - they are lovely!

CMC & cathsheard: Thanks so much for your kind compliments!

CMC said...

Ha ha...well that's what happens when you blog sporadically. You lose people. We all get bogged down at times..with family or in the studio.

Thanks for the visit.....AND I will keep playing around with that group.